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News. Fair Play: December 2023. 21 December 2023. Nobody likes cheaters. We're continuing to actively fight them — and we want to thank those who are actively helping us on this matter. The number of violations identified and banned recently has significantly increased — and with it of course the integrity of all battles!

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All New Vehicles Coming to War Thunder's Sky Guardians Update Sullivan Pearson Mar 7, 2023 Guides What's new in this update? Image via Gaijin Entertainment Ah yes, War Thunder. The game that players can't seem to help but share real-life military secrets on.

War Thunder tanks the best ground vehicles Wargamer

Official Release Update "Kings of Battle" 31 October 2023 - 14 December 2023 (active for 45 days) 28 new vehicles: 3 regular aircraft 14 regular tanks 1 premium tank 4 regular ships 2 gift/bundle ships 4 regular helicopters Update "Sons of Attila" 19 September 2023 - 31 October 2023 (active for 43 days)

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In this video, I go over ALL of the vehicles coming to the Kings of Battle major update for War Thunder that are currently present in the dev server.Top Tips.

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We'll be open with you: War Thunder's research trees have not gone through much reshaping over the years — we add vehicles in logical positions within the tree, group a limited number of similar vehicles, and make research point adjustments down the line where necessary.

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War Thunder Update 1.49 'Weapons of Victory' is not too far away - and it will include a variety of new combat vehicles that you will be able to play. On this occasion, we want to present to you the preliminary list of vehicles currently planned for introduction in Update 1.49.

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#1 War Thunder is constantly evolving and changing — new vehicles are added regularly, the characteristics of individual vehicles are refined, and various elements of progression through the game are altered. To accommodate for these various additions, we're always paying close attention to these areas.

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Soviet Vehicles: ZSU-37 ZSU-37 was based on the chassis of the SU-76M tank destroyer. It had open top turret and was armed with one 37 mm 61-K mod. 1939 anti-aircraft cannon. Multi-turreted T-35 with working secondary turrets The T-35 - Was a Soviet heavy tank developed between 1931-1932. It was the first USSR heavy tank to be mass produced.

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Game Changelog War Thunder "Air Superiority" - Changelog We're ending 2023 in style with the awesome Air Superiority major update. Top-tier jets have been added to several nations, some of which include the F-15, the Su-27 and J-11, the Mirage 4000, plus the JAS39.

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Brand-new ground vehicles of Rank VIII will now be coming to War Thunder, which will be added in the upcoming major update. This now means that you'll be able to play with the most modern tanks that are currently in service with different armies around the world!

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The M64 will be one of the main prizes awaiting War Thunder players in the new Battle Pass season, launching in the upcoming days. Being built from components of the American M41 Walker Bulldog and M18 Hellcat tanks, the M64 expectedly fuses the features of both vehicles and combines them into a new design.

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27 13 December 2023 The New Year Sale in the Gaijin.net store! We're continuing to celebrate winter holidays and we're glad to offer you discounts in the Gaijin.Net store. More than 30 offers with vehicles with 50% discounts and 30% for selected pack from the latest updates!

War Thunder tanks the best ground vehicles Wargamer

2024 will be filled with a lot of new aircraft, especially fourth generation and beyond, like the heavy hitters Su27 and F-15. The F-18 may be added to the US lineup, as well as the Finnish and Swedish lineups, making it a highly anticipated addition to the game. The Hornet will probably be added very soon, possibly even earlier than the later.

War Thunder tanks the best ground vehicles Wargamer

Meet the T-90M! A fantastic all-new T-90 variant, the T-90M will be added to War Thunder in the next major update at Rank VIII of the USSR's ground forces tree. The T-90M is at the forefront of the T-90 family of tanks, featuring a new welded turret with built-in modular ERA and a new fire control system.

War Thunder needs you! Sign up for free and get a premium vehicle

All Current Known New Vehicles For Update Ice and Fire Other BRs are RB USA: Air: A1H BR 6.3 (Battlepass Vehicle) USA: Ground: M1A2 SEP BR 11.0 Germany: Ground: Sd. Kfz. 251/9 BR 1.3 Germany: Naval: Type 152 Hugin BR 3.7 (Credit goes to u/BismarcksMustache ) USSR: No new vehicles (yet) but IS-1 and IS-2 get new models

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Update "Air Superiority". Update "Air Superiority" ( changelog) was introduced on 14 December 2023. This update is notable for the addition of new top tier jet aircraft and Rank VIII ground vehicles. Though the update numbering has been dropped since Update "Starfighters", the game version is still present in-game to indicate the update as 2.33.