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Berlin to Warsaw in One Tank najlepszy zbiór obrazków z

At the end of the advert, Clarkson announced "Volkswagen Scirocco TDI: Berlin to Warsaw in one tank". The advert was uploaded to YouTube minutes after its broadcast, spurring angry comments from Polish viewers.

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Berlin to Warsaw (and return) in one tank :D imgur comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Toginator • Additional comment actions Last time that was done it was a PanzerKampfWagen II. Reply [deleted]• Additional comment actions On the other end, a T34/76 did the same

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Footage of empty school rooms and people panicking as they rushed to board trains and buses to get out of Warsaw is accompanied by a voice saying: "A state of emergency's been declared in Poland today as the mass exodus continues." The final written line in the ad said: "Volkswagen Scirocco TDI - from Berlin to Warsaw in one tank."

Berlin to warsaw in one tank r/memes

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The clip showed people in Warsaw panicking and rushing to board trains and buses as a mass exodus gripped the city. It ended with the line "Volkswagen Scirocco TDI. Berlin to Warsaw in one tank."

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Berlin to Warsaw in one Tank (Did You Know: BMW (a German Car Manufacturer) made an ad saying "Berlin to Warsaw in one tank" which actually was meant to say that you can drive to Warsaw from Berlin in one Gas Tank, but was misread as attacking Poland from Germany with one Literal Tank) : r/NoIdeaAnimation r/NoIdeaAnimation • 5 yr. ago

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Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear German ad joke receives complaints. LONDON - An episode of Top Gear featuring DDB London has received a number of complaints after the presenter Jeremy Clarkson made a spoof Volkswagen ad that joked about Germany's invasion of Poland. by Kate Nettleton.

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And the worst it got - scores of complaints from outraged viewers after Clarkson lauded the VW's ability to go from "Berlin to Warsaw in one tank". More than 6.7 million viewers watched Clarkson's "ad", in which panicked Warsaw citizens fled the city, rushing to board buses and trains as sirens warned of the approaching Germans.

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Can the VW Scirocco really make from Berlin to Warsaw in one tank? 6 7 Share Sort by: Open comment sort options Add a Comment malikdeni • 8 yr. ago • Edited 8 yr. ago The commercial is about the TDI version that gets 1000km on a single tank easily. So yes.

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From Berlin To Warsaw In One Tank . From Berlin to Warsaw in one tank - an amazing yet achievable feat - is a great way to explore two of Europe's most majestic cities. Taking one full tank of gas, you'll be able to cover 576.2 km (358.2 miles) of beautiful countryside, old-world villages, winding highways and volcanic mountains..

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Berlin to Warsaw, in one tank! Top Gear Hide details Recommended 1:32 I Up next Venice - Italy, Berlin - Germany, Tenerife - Spain, Cannes - France, Barcelona - Spain, Geneva - Switzerland, Warsaw - Poland earthTV network GmbH 1:32

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gplus reddit email Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson finds himself in hot water again, with critics accusing him of Xenophobia, among other crimes, for his take on an ad for the new Volkswagen Scirocco TDi. I think the ad's hilarious. 🗨️& Enable JavaScript to submit a comment. • • One Year Cycling from Alaska to Mexico

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