Best Vehicle to Live In for Traveling the Country Camp Van Life

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There are all sorts of cars you can live in, whether you prefer a smaller, more stealthy care like a Prius, or a larger van like a Ford Transit. Also, you don't have to have a ton of money saved up to buy a good car to live in. My van cost only $6,000 with 57,000 miles - a real steal off Craigslist.

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1. Mercedes Sprinter Van Size: Roof height: 170cm low roof, 200cm high roof Wheelbase: Length: 325cm SWB, 432cm LWB Width: 178cm Off-Road Capability: Yes! The Sprinter Van is offered with either rear 2wd or 4wd for off-roading. Prices: $27,000 used/ $35,000 new SWB/ $50,000+ LWB with upgrades Pros of the Mercedes Sprinter Van for Full Time Van Life

Best Vehicle to Live In for Traveling the Country Camp Van Life

Best Vehicles To Live In: Ford Transit Mercedes Sprinter Dodge ProMaster Dodge Ram Van Ford Econoline Chevrolet Express GMC Savana Ford Transit Connect Mercedes Metris Nissan NV Chevy Astro Toyota Sienna Chrysler Pacifica Honda Odyssey VW Vanagons Honda Element Car Campers: Subaru Forester, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic School Buses Box Trucks

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Top Picks for Best Cars to Live In In this section, we will examine some of the best cars to live in across various categories such as minivans and large SUVs, station wagons and crossovers, and sedans and hatchbacks. Minivans and Large SUVs Minivans and large SUVs offer optimal space and comfort when it comes to living on the go.

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Take only one of everything, focusing on items that can pull double- or triple-duty. A decent oversized mug, for example, works for soup, cereal, coffee, pasta, and more without the need to pack a.

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"What is the best vehicle to live in?" The answer to this could greatly vary since each person looking to live the nomadic life will have a different set of needs and goals for their new build. There are many considerations when deciding to choose a vehicle to live out of.

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1. Choose the Right Car to Live In Kristin of The Wayward Home's Toyota Prius camper This may seem painfully obvious, but the right vehicle is crucial when planning to live in such a small space. Consider your lifestyle, needs, and preferences as you make this decision. A compact car like the Prius I lived in has its advantages.

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What is the Best Vehicle to Live In? The best vehicle to live in is different for each person. Choosing what's best for you depends on your budget, your lifestyle, and your personal needs. An RV might be best for some, and a small car might be best for others. This article will help you determine yours.

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WHAT IS THE BEST VEHICLE TO LIVE IN? Watch on Before you decide what vehicle is best for you to live in you may want to first check out the 8 Things You Must Consider Before Buying A Van OK, now we can begin… The Pros and Cons Let's start with… The Van This iconic Van Life vehicle is popular with Instagrammers living life on the road.

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What Are The Best Vehicles To Live In By Jake Junda Last updated: November 14, 2023 Camping, Road Trips, Van Build, Vanlife Guides There is an ever-growing population of people living out of their vehicles. Some vehicle dwellers are full-timers, while others are just taking a road-trip or camping off the beaten path.

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A school bus is another popular vehicle to live in. They come in many different sizes from full 40ft skoolies to compact short buses. The primary advantage of used school buses is a cheap purchase price and plenty of space for conversions. At about 7'7" wide buses are significantly wider than most vans (typically 5'10"-6'3").

Best Vehicle to Live In for Traveling the Country Camp Van Life

I'd stick with toyota if possible. when regularly maintained, way more reliable than other manufacturers. Like you said a hybrid to save money if driving often in urban environments. For myself if i could buy new, I'd go with either the rav4 or highlander hybrid. If a 4runner ever came out as a hybrid i'd pick that.

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Sprinter Vans or Transit Vans. Lots of aftermarket accessories you can add (showers, folding furniture, kitchen sinks and cabinets, storage, etc…) Ranges from $3k-30k, but the cheaper ones have high miles which means more maintenance costs and lower longevity. Likely requiring updates in order to be liveable.


10 Best Cars You'll Love Living In When you're living in your car instead of just using it to get you from place to place, there's a lot to think about. As I researched and compared the best cars to choose for full-time living, it came down to a few key considerations: Space/size Gas mileage Mobility/off-grid capability All-season comfort

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Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: VARIOMobil. 1.) Grumman HU-16 Albatross. It's a fully amphibious private plane. It's big enough to live in, small enough to take.

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1. Mercedes Sprinter The quintessential conversion vehicle has to be the Mercedes Sprinter. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are the go-to vehicle for many conversion companies, thanks to their durability and power.