Ken Block desvenda novo «Hoonicorn» biturbo de 1400 cv

Ken Block’s New Hoonicorn Is A 1400HP TwinTurbo, MethanolSipping

Ken Block says twin-turbo 1,400-hp Hoonicorn is frightening Sean Szymkowski September 21, 2017 Comment Now! Horsepower is a dangerous thing. Fast may be fun, but it can also be pretty darn.

Ken Block to take on Pikes Peak with 1,400hp Hoonicorn RTR

The Hoonicorn V2 still has the same 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 at the front, but the motor has been reworked to run on methanol and bestowed with a custom twin-turbo setup for a total of 1,400.


Now, the Hoonicorn has been given an upgrade, with a brand new twin-turbo engine making 1,400 hp (1,044 kW). The original 845 hp (630 kW) Hoonicorn wasn't exactly lacking in power, but when.

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2FastRacing brings the famous Hoonicorn v2 mustang to BeamNG.Drive. This resource features 1,400hp on an AWD 65' Mustang chassis creating an absolute beast of a machine. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly suggested you disable your understeer and oversteer assists in your BeamNG game settings under "Gameplay".

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2 1965 Ford Mustang gets 1,400 hp thanks to

Engine Builder magazine has announced its annual Engine of the Year winner for 2023 - a Twin-Turbo 5.0L Coyote engine - built by Joe Irwin of Fast Forward Race Engines in New Port Richey, FL. Joe Irwin and his team accepted the award at Engine Builder's PRI Party, sponsored by The ArmaKleen Company and Safety-Kleen, By Engine Builder Dec.

Ken Block to take on Pikes Peak with 1,400hp Hoonicorn RTR

In case you didn't know, the Hoonicorn is equipped with gloriously over-powered twin-turbo V-8 engine that's stuffed into an all-wheel-drive chassis and wrapped up with a classic 1965 Ford Mustang.

Ken Block to take on Pikes Peak with 1,400hp Hoonicorn RTR

, the most current Hoonicorn features a Roush-Yates 6.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates a whopping 1400 hp and 1250 lb-ft of torque. It features a six-speed manual transmission and can hit 60 mph in a lightning-fast 1.8 seconds (as well as 100 mph in 3.15 seconds).

Hoonicorn V2 with 1400hp! It's a twin turbo'd beast

Hoonicorn V2 has twin turbochargers fitted to its 405-cubic inch Roush Yates V-8 and has been fitted with a methanol injection system. Prior to the most recent upgrades, the Hoonicorn's V-8 was.

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The Hoonicorn V2 sports the U.S. flag on the engine hood, red and blue paint on the turbochargers, as well as stars on the front bumper, fenders, and doors. I don't know about you, but the image I get is of a mad clown wearing a colorful outfit that will kill you when the first opportunity arises.

HooniYule Log! Ken Block's 1,400hp Twin Turbo AWD Ford Mustang Hoonic

That custom twin-turbo setup pushes 21lb of boost into the V8 - complete with added methanol - to, in the words of Hoonigan Racing, 'vaporise Block's Toyo tyres instantly'. Over to Ken. "We got.

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Ken Block, co-Founder of DC Shoes and Patron Saint of Hooning at Hoonigan, introduced his newly Meth-addicted, twin-turbocharged Hoonicorn V2 --and here's a quick look atthe new tools.

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Ken Block's "Hoonicorn" is a 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged Ford Mustang that runs on methanol and hits 60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds. It's an absolute animal and has been featured in a.

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by duPont REGISTRY July 11, 2022 in Ford News, Mustang, News, Specs VIEWS Ford fans around the world enjoy the fun and practicality of late-model pony cars, but nothing compares to Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang specs. In fact, every Ford Mustang for sale would love to be a Hoonicorn.

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Featuring the 1,400hp Twin Turbo AWD Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2. Originally shot duri. The Hooni-Yule log: a holiday gift from Ken Block and the Hoonigans. Featuring the 1,400hp Twin Turbo.

Ken Block’s New Hoonicorn Is A 1400HP TwinTurbo, MethanolSipping Monster

Despite the impressive result of this twin-turbo project said to have been inspired by the 1,400-hp Hoonicorn itself, the entire Hoonigan team votes against the Italian winning, and that's exactly.

Ken Block desvenda novo «Hoonicorn» biturbo de 1400 cv

© 2023 Google LLC Finally: we get to nerd out on one of the wildest builds EVER: Ken Block's all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2. Twin turbo, 1,400 horsepower, 295-widt.