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Top Secret's 943PS Toyota Supra V12 Is Looking For A New Home

Race-car-inspired and ready for the streets, GR Supra's 45th Anniversary Edition Mikan Blast exterior color brings this legend to life. Matte-black 19-in. forged-aluminum wheels and a manually adjustable rear spoiler finish off the GT4-inspired look, while sport-tuned handling and a powerful engine help you take on exhilarating drives.

A Top Secret Supra Mk. 4 Isn't The Sort Of Car You Expect To See On The

The "Top Secret Supra" is a special version of the Toyota Supra that has been modified to go faster than the one made by Toyota. It was created by aftermarket tuning company Top Secret, which gives it an unmistakable look and unique features compared to other models of the Supra.

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One particular car that has left a long-lasting impression is the Top Secret A80 Toyota Supra, built by the legendary performance car artisan Kazuhiko Nagata; best known as 'Smokey' Nagata. What makes this Supra particularly special is both what's under the hood, and also what Smokey attempted to do in it.

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Top Secret is one of Japans highest profile aftermarket manufacturers, winning such prices as the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon Champion with the Final Evolution JZA80 V12 twin turbo Supra. Top Secret has an intimidating presence in Wangan high speed, drifting, circuit and drag. 4 parts Sort by Part Search Keyword

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Smokey Nagata's Top Secret V12 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra! What a great experience getting the chance to shoot this piece of automotive history. The car was deb.

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The car in question is the crazy V12 Supra built by even crazier Smokey Nagata and his legendary tuning company, whose name cannot be disclosed as it is Top Secret. (Pun Intended). Who is crazy enough to build a V12 Twin-Turbo Supra? The man is known as Kazuhiko "Smokey'' Nagata or just Smokey Nagata.

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The only hybrid thing about the Top Secret Toyota is how Smoky successfully mated a V-12 to a Supra. Consider that this engine is the same length as the original 2JZ-GTE I-6 with an.

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We Found the Top Secret Toyota Supra GT300 Build at New York's Auto Show. Obsessed With The Culture Of Cars. Home. Latest. Reviews. Unpaved. Buying. Tech. Racing.

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So, the Top Secret Supra was a 1994 Toyota Supra modified to receive propulsion from a 5.0-liter 1GZ-FE V12 engine featuring forged pistons and rods, a wet nitrous system, dry sump, and dual HKS F-CON V Pro ECUs. Top Secret paired the V12 with a Getrag V161 six-speed manual gearbox and Cusco way LSD to make "930" the Smokey Nagata Supra.

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Under the bonnet, you'll find the 5.0-litre '1GZ-FE' engine from the Toyota Century. Yep, Japan's sole production V12. There's not much of the original engine left though, and with some.

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The V12-powered Top Secret Supra, created by Smokey Nagata, is a legendary high-performance sports car. It features a meticulously crafted V12 engine, delivering extraordinary power and speed..

Modif Toyota Supra Hq Wallpaper Top Secret Supra 1920x1080

One day people started messaging me that "a Top Secret Supra" is on its way to the Nürburgring. Soon I got in touch with it's owner Jörgen (https://www.insta.

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Back in the early 2000s, Japanese tuning firm Top Secret started work on a MkIV Toyota Supra powered by a V-12 engine lifted out of a Toyota Century. The car, which along with its engine.

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The Supra's large-engine bay opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to engine tuning and engine swaps, and Top Secret has done everything from a T88 powered, 2.2L, four-cylinder, 720ps.

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Trevor Ryan 26th May 2018 40 Comments When I heard that Trap Team had acquired the Top Secret Supra that went up for auction late last year at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and that I'd have a chance to see the car in a few days, I didn't believe it. Seriously, I flat-out did not believe what I was reading.

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Japanese tuning firm Top Secret made a name for itself back in 1999 when its founder, Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata, took a Supra with the company's distinct bodykit to 197 mph on a public road in.