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The name or term "Sideways" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sideways (disambiguation). Sideways is an agent of Unicron from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family. Goofy ominous nutball hardass. Sideways is the consummate con-artist.

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Go to transformers r/transformers • by fartineli View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit I believe I got it from a 98-cent Clearance Center in the late 90s. It was molded in red and yellow plastic, and it felt really sturdy for what was probably a knockoff/bootleg.


With only a few exceptions, the motorcycle form has been the go-to alternate mode for Arcee since it was introduced. These exceptions were Transformers: Animated, Transformers: Cyberverse and the Transformers: War for Cybertron trilogy, which all had designs closer to Generation 1. That's why, in the case of the latter, kid appeal character Bumblebee even took on his iconic Volkswagen Beetle form.

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The Diaclone toyline was first introduced in 1980 with a focus on various piloted robots that could transform into various abstract sci-fi vehicles, bases, and creatures. However, in March 1982 toys with alt modes based on realistic, present-day vehicles that many Transformers are known for today began to appear as part of the "Car Robots" sub-line.The first one was the Diaclone predecessor of.

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Storyboards for The Transformers: The Movie show Red Alert killed by the Constructicons after helping Sideswipe, Tracks, and Ultra Magnus stop Devastator. The scene was cut out of the Battle of Autobot City, but he later appeared in Transformers: Headmasters (In Japan).. Motorcycle The Transformers: The Movie The Big Broadcast of 2006 Unknown

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Transformers R.E.D., stylized as R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design], is a subline of the Generations franchise featuring six-inch scale non-transforming action figures of Transformers characters from across different franchises and continuities.

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Arcee (Target exclusive Scout Class, 2007) Accessories: Launcher, missile, scope, 2 tailpipes, "energon" chip. Arcee is a redeco of Energon Arcee, replacing her pinks and most of her whites and blacks with blue, and her translucent red with smoky brown plastic. She transforms into a "superbike"-type racing motorcycle.

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-We now have collected all 3 beast combiners, including Bumblebee and Optimus Primal. Be sure to check out those videos if you haven't already!#transformers.

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Red Hood's Bat-Bike Turns Into A Literal Suit of Transformer Armor By Kevin Erdmann Published Mar 12, 2022 In the latest issue of DC's Future State: Gotham, Red Hood takes the fight to the new Joker with an epic ride that's basically a Transformer. Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Gotham #11

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Arcee (Movie) - Transformers Wiki Page Discussion View source History Arcee (Movie) The name or term "Arcee" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Arcee (disambiguation). Arcee is an Autobot from the Movie continuity family. She's got legs, she knows how to use them. Temporarily, anyway.

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5. Hunt for the Decepticons Brimstone (Jim) This little dude is one of the examples of the truly excellent Scout class back in the peaks of the movieverse lines and sub-lines - Hunt for the.

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Updated Jun 8, 2023 This time, it's Trukk AND Munky! Image via Paramount Quick Links Who Are the Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons? Watch the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Trailer When Is.

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1 Trophy Points: 162 Likes: +59 I don't know of any TF's that were based on Cafe racer style bikes, though I guess you could customise Chromia to make it sort of cafe style. I recall there was a G2 mold planned that was an old Yammy (Road Rocket), which I think was intended to be repainted and named Jazz but was never released.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Concept Art by Steve Jung

We are living in the motorcycle transformer renaissance. Reply More posts you may like. r/BeamNGRP • We are Maximum Velocity. r/transformers • [OC] Is up to you to decide which one's blue and which one's red. (Transformers Studio Series 86 Core Class Rumble (Blue) + Frenzy (Red))

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Arcee is a fictional robot character in the Transformers franchise. She has been depicted as a female Autobot, usually pink or blue in color. [2] Being the most famous of the Female Autobots, she has made more appearances and has had several more incarnations than any other female Transformer.