1972, Pontiac, Lemans, Gto, Hardtop, Coupe, D37, Muscle, Classic

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The 1973 Pontiac GTO is a one-year beast so rare that some refuse to believe it ever existed. To them, the car is a Le Mans in clever disguise, driven by a guy wearing a Nixon mask. No, the 1973 Pontiac GTO really does exist, though not in large numbers: only 4,806 cars were produced during a tumultuous year.

1972 Pontiac LeMans GTO Hardtop Coupe D37 muscle classic wallpaper

1968 Pontiac GTO & 1968 Pontiac LeMans Homegrown Heroes. Related Video. Drew Hardin writer Jeff Reichel photographer. Jan 8, 2015. Steve Burrowes '68 GTO.

1972, Pontiac, Lemans, Gto, Hardtop, Coupe, D37, Muscle, Classic

The Pontiac GTO is a front-engine, rear-drive, two-door, four- or five-passenger automobile manufactured and marketed by the Pontiac division of General Motors over four generations from 1963 until 1974 in the United States — with a fifth generation made by GM's Australian subsidiary, Holden, for the 2004 through 2006 model years.

1972 Pontiac LeMans GTO Hardtop Coupe D37 muscle classic j wallpaper

Eventually, maxing out the GTO would have set you back $4,500. The 1964 Pontiac GTO posted on eBay by seller 1965bop no longer has the original engine but a massive 455 V8 block that develops.

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1965 Pontiac Le Mans Sporty styling sans the GTO's performance, price tag, and diminished fuel mileage Thomas A. DeMauro 02/12/2019 Magazine In This Article Category: Magazine Make: Pontiac Model: Lemans Be it a Tempest, Tempest Custom, Le Mans, or GTO, the 1965 Pontiac A-body is considered a styling triumph among fans of the marque.

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Pontiac Le Manses for Sale Pontiac's fabled Le Mans nameplate, its name suggesting a whiff of international opulence, began and ended on the smallest vehicles in Pontiac's lineup; in between, it was the brand's mainstream midsize model. Initially based on the compact, new-for-1961. + Read More Save Search Saved (0) My Favorite Listings (0)

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Thus, the GTO was born in September 1963, to be made available for the 1964 model year as a Tempest LeMans option. First Generation Pontiac GTO Credit: Trekphiler/Wikipedia (1966 Pontiac GTO) The first generation of the Pontiac GTO lasted from 1964-1967. In addition to the larger 389 V8, the original LeMans GTO package also included shock.

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Pontiac's 1963 LeMans was the launching pad for the muscle car movement. Mention the name Le Mans to a Pontiac enthusiast and the first car they'll think of is the 1964 model--you know, the one with the GTO letters on the grille. The early '70s Le Mans Sport models also rate high on a Pontiac fan's list, especially if we're talking about a GT-37.

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The Pontiac Le Mans was considered a compact or intermediate-sized automobile from 1962 to 1981. It was replaced by the downsized Pontiac Bonneville in 1982 and in 1988, a Daewoo LeMans was sold briefly until 1993.. 1974 Pontiac GTO hatchback - no engine or trans, otherwise complete. Bench seat 4 speed car, sport mirrors, nice grilles.

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The 1973 Pontiac Le Mans-upon which this GTO is based-is one of a huge number of Colonnade coupes sold that year. These cars were radically different from the cars that preceded them. The revision included the demise of the pillarless hardtop coupes and sedans that had proven so popular in the prior generation. It also killed off the.

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The 1965 Pontiac GTO was still a $295 Tempest Le Mans option package, crisply redesigned with vertically stacked headlights, a split recessed grille and a single hood scoop. The four-pod dash remained, but an improved Rally gauge package was offered for $86 with an 8,000 rpm tachometer. The Coupe started at $2,871, the Hardtop at $2,935 and the.

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This Le Mans is just one of 31 coupes produced with this driveline combination. The freshly rebuilt 455 H.O. wears the correct shade of 1972 Pontiac blue, but to maintain the survivor theme, an aging effect that mimics the appearance of weathered original paint was expertly executed.

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It features a 400/406 with cast-iron D-port heads, a Turbo 350, and 3.90 gears. Tom Scala of Warren, Ohio, is a steel-mill maintenance technician. His '68 GTO is powered by a 455/464 with.

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The 400 cubic inch motor with automatic transmission is said to run and drive like a dream. The seller tells us he would consider an interesting trade. Online price guides seem conflicted on the 1972 LeMans. While a GTO might go for $30-40,000, a LeMans is only half that amount, and yet the GTO was an option on the LeMans.

1965, Pontiac, Tempest, Lemans, Gto, Convertible, Muscle, Classic

This 1966 Pontiac LeMans Tricks People Into Thinking It's a GTO, It Sure Ain't Let's paint the scene for you. You're a Gen-Z petrolhead passing an indistinct storage unit in the quiet.

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The Pontiac LeMans / ləˈmɑːnz / is a model name that was applied to subcompact- and intermediate-sized automobiles marketed by Pontiac from 1961 until 1981 (1983 in Canada) and 1988 through 1993 model years. Originally a trim upgrade based on the Tempest, it became a separate model.