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The northern California town of Petaluma was Graffiti 's primary filming location, and Frates Road on its eastern side played the mythical "Paradise Road." Fittingly, the scene came at the end of the shooting schedule in July 1972, after nearly a month of tiring night shoots.

American Graffiti Paradise Road Sign original movie prop

I'm going to tell him you tried to rape me. John Milner : Oh, no, no. Hey. Carol : It's past my curfew. I'm going to tell him how old I am, my parents don't know I'm out and you tried to rape me. John Milner : Yeah, don't say anything. Carol : Boy, are you up a creek. John Milner : Paradise Road.

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By: Parabellum Site of Final Drag Race in 'American Graffiti' (Google Maps). The final drag race scene was filmed on Frates Road, which was named Paradise Road in.

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Curt seeks out legendary DJ Wolfman Jack in a lonely radio studio, in hopes of getting a message to the mysterious blonde he has spotted. The Wolfman helps him find that girl, but he also gives.

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A great movie for car lovers Tags American Graffiti Chevrolet Chevrolet Impala Ford Ford Thunderbird movie cars By David P. Castro - June 22, 2022 10 New exhibit at the Gilmore Car Museum features the cars and stars of the movie 'American Graffiti' | Museum photos

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American Graffiti: Drag Race at Paradise Road. Like. Comment.. Author. Binge Society - The Greatest Movie Scenes. Click to Buy/Rent American Graffiti on Amazon Prime https://amzn.to/3uX2FPe. AMAZON.COM. American Graffiti. American Graffiti. 1y. Ron Burley. 1y. View 19 more comments.

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Harrison Ford, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Kay Lenz American Graffiti location: The teens cruise the main drag: Petaluma Boulevard, Petaluma, California

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Thursday, August 27, 2015 WHO WAS WINNING THE DRAG RACE ON PARADISE ROAD??? WAS FALFA BEATING MILNER???? Whether Falfa would have won the drag race in American Graffiti may be pure speculation. In the film it looks like the cars were neck in neck and Milner was starting to take the lead when Falfa's car began to run off the road.

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The Classic Cars of American Graffiti The cars are classics as well. The Deuce Coupe driven by John, the 1955 Chevrolet driven by Bob Falfa (played by Harrison Ford) who's looking to take down John's #1 spot on the strip, and the 1958 Chevy Impala driven by Steve are all museum worthy at this time.

American Graffiti Paradise Road Sign original movie prop

John (Paul Le Mat) agrees to race against Bob (Harrison Ford). As John takes the lead, Bob's tire blows out causing him to lose control. His car explodes but.

American Graffiti Paradise Road Sign original movie prop

American Graffiti - Drag Race at Paradise Road: A drag race between Milner (Paul Le Mat) and Falfa (Harrison Ford) ends in a fiery crash. BUY THE MOVIE:.

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From the charming city of Modesto, California, to the iconic cruising strip of Paradise Road, we will delve into the world of American Graffiti and uncover the magic behind this beloved film. Key Takeaways: American Graffiti is an iconic coming-of-age film that has captured the hearts of audiences for over four decades.

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American Graffiti: Official Clip - Drag Race at Paradise Road 2:55 Added: August 8, 2023 American Graffiti: Trailer 1 2:49 Added: August 10, 2023 American Graffiti: Official Clip -.

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Paradise Road is where the second and final race between John Milner and Bob Falfa is held. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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Drag race at Paradise Road. Show more Show more Movie American Graffiti Watch on YouTube American Graffiti Comedy • 1973 • 1 hr 52 min English audio PG CC Buy or rent