Mercedes C111/II QuadRotor Concept Turns 50 But Sure Doesn’t Look Like

MercedesBenz C111II D Concept (1976) Old Concept Cars

C 111 was the designation of the futuristic study displayed by Mercedes-Benz in September 1969 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). The car broke new ground in terms of both engineering and design. Motor show visitors crowded around the sports car, marveling at its intriguing design.

1969 MercedesBenz C111II Review

Constantin von Kageneck from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center takes Jay under the hood of his dream car, the rare Wankel-engined, '70s supersports C111.» Sub.

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The C 111 III prototype that was completed in 1978, had a more aerodynamic bodywork that gave it an air drag coefficient of 0.195. It had a modified 3-litre version of the Mercedes-Benz OM 617 five-cylinder Diesel, now producing 170 kW (228 hp), and a BMEP of 1.68 MPa, resulting in a maximum torque of 401 N·m at 3600 min −1.

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Come 1976, the C111-II received the OM617 straight-five diesel and a brand-new designation: C111-IID. Turbocharged and intercooled for good measure, the 3.0-liter mill develops up to 190 horsepower compared to 80 ponies in the Mercedes-Benz 240 D. In the course of 60 hours, the diesel-engined concept established 16 world records at the Nardo.

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Mercedes C-111 concept 01 Mercedes-Benz has gone on social media to tease what appears to be a revival of the C-111. The experimental cars built between 1969-70 were meant to showcase the.

MercedesBenz C111II Concept (1970) Old Concept Cars

11 photos Mercedes-Benz took to Instagram on Tuesday to offer the first glimpse of a modern C111 supercar. A pair of teaser photos and a video show elements of the design, including pixel LEDs.

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1969 MercedesBenz C111II Review

Wild Mercedes-Benz C111-II Concept Turns 50: It's the Benz That Got Away The rotary-powered C111-II was gorgeous, bold, fast—and ahead of its time. View Gallery 31 Photos Related Video The.

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From Bruno Sacco's gorgeous shape to the signature Weissherbst (White Autumn) paint to those amazing flying buttresses, the C111 and especially the C111-II look absolutely killer—design-wise, they're about as good as anything Mercedes has ever done. So why didn't either reach dealerships?

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The new C111-II could go from 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h) in less than 5 seconds with a top speed of 186.4 mph (300 km/h). What's more, it featured a four-rotor Wankel rotary engine with 350 Hp..

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Replaces Wankel with V8 Estimated £5million value Following the reveal of the Mercedes Vision-One Eleven concept car, CAR looks back to the time we drove the car on which it was based; the.

Mercedes C111/II QuadRotor Concept Turns 50 But Sure Doesn’t Look Like

111: Dream in weissherbst. The spectacular Mercedes-Benz C 111 sports car is a dream in weissherbst and turns 50.

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The 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111-II, the concept's second iteration., Mercedes-Benz [Editor's note: It's easy to dismiss concept cars as marketing gimmicks and dead-end design exercises. But.

MercedesBenz C111II Concept (1970) Old Concept Cars

Whereas some C111-Is had used dual ignition, which proved difficult to adjust, the C111-II was fitted exclusively with single ignition. Peak power rose from 280bhp to 350bhp at an unchanged 7000rpm. The torque rating was also improved; the C111-II produced 289lb-ft between 4000rpm and 5500rpm compared to 217lb-ft at between 5000rpm and 6000rpm.

Mercedes C111/II QuadRotor Concept Turns 50 But Sure Doesn’t Look Like

In addition to the larger 7.2-liter engine reportedly good for 400-plus horsepower, the C111-II featured chassis refinements (including a five-inch stretch in wheelbase to accommodate the longer engine) and a completely restyled body with a better drag coefficient and better rear visibility.

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1970 MERCEDES-BENZ TYPE C 111-II EXPERIMENTAL VEHICLE. Meant to test new technologies, the first C 111 was completed in 1969 and featured a wedge-shaped fiberglass body and mid-mounted, three-rotor Wankel fuel-injected engine. Bruno Sacco's design for the C 111, seen as the successor to the 300 SL, included gullwing doors.