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If you lay it flat while transporting it, the screen on the LED TV could crack or warp. If you lay your LED TV flat for travel, any bump or vibrations from the car could severely impact your TV screen. The best way to transport the TV is by sitting it upright on the back seat.

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I have an suv and I can't fully stand the tv upright in my vehicle, I live about a mile or less away, how big of a risk would it be to lay it down flat or diagonally during the transporting between store and home? It's an lg cx 65, let me know if any other info is needed Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 14

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Here are a few tips on how to transport a flat screen TV in a car: 1. Choose the right size car for the TV. You'll want to make sure the TV will fit comfortably in the car with enough space around it for proper air circulation. 2. Place the TV in the car so that it's secured and won't move around during transport.

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Laying down an LCD TV in a car where there are bumps and vibrations can lead to pressure cracks in the screen along with issues that cause distortion. Transport LCD TVs Correctly Instead of laying the TV down flat, place it upright in the back of your car.

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Remove all screws and bases It's easier to transport a flat screen TV if it's not connected to its base or wall mount (and if you you're using a TV box, you won't be able to keep these attached anyway). Keep a small baggie handy that you can use to store each screw as you remove it.

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Safe Lifting and Transporting Techniques. - Always lift and carry flat screens vertically. Avoid tilting which strains connections. - Televisions over 50 pounds typically require two people to lift safely. Keep your back straight and lift with your legs. - Use handles built into the TV frame when lifting.

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Yes, you can lay a LED TV flat in its box for storage or transport. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to do so safely. First, make sure that the box is big enough to accommodate the TV. If the box is too small, the TV could be at risk of being crushed.

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Yes, you can transport a TV in a car. It's entirely possible to transport a TV in a car. However, you must consider the size of your TV in relation to the size of your car. For instance, you're going to struggle to fit your 90-inch flatscreen into the back of your Mini Cooper.

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A TV sticking out of the trunk or the backseat can bump into other cars or objects on the roadside, breaking in the process. Squeezing a 65-inch TV between solid objects in a car can bend and crack the screen. Those solid objects can knock against the TV when you traverse rough terrain, doing irreversible harm.

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A conventional 55-inch TV is 48.4 inches (width), 28.1 inches (height), and 54.6 inches (Diagonal). The '55 inches' descriptor doesn't tell you anything because it refers to the screen's diagonal measurements. According to WePC, the TV's actual width must include the display's border. This is why a TV's exact dimensions matter.

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Myth: It's Okay To Lay Your TV Down Flat Flat-Screen Fact: Keep Your TV Upright Flat-Screen Moving Tip: Take Pictures Of The Cables Myth: All You Need Is The Original Box To Pack Your TV Flat-Screen Fact: Protecting Your TVs Screen During Transport Is Important Flat-Screen Moving Tip: Gathering Packing Materials FAQs Save our post on Pinterest!

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A Detailed Guide September 28, 2023 by Hi there! Let me provide you with an expert-level guide on whether OLED TVs can safely be laid flat during transport and handling. I'll go in-depth on OLED panel construction, manufacturing guidance, failure statistics, and tips for keeping these gorgeous displays intact for years to come.


Reg $2,599.99 Sold Out 1-9 of 9 Answers It's not recommended, but I laid mine flat (screen side down) for the 20 mile trip home with not problems. Just make sure you have adequate support under the length of the box if you do. YMMV, and try at your own risk. Answered by boyce89976 6 years ago Verified Purchase Helpful ( 26) Unhelpful ( 7) Report

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The short answer? "No, you can't lay it down. And no, the plasma won't mess up your TV." The long answer is below, along with some other tips about getting your new TV home in one piece. Transporting Flat Screens: Opinions vs. Facts Here are a few common opinions I found about moving a flatscreen TV, from typically credible places:

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A car with limited space forces drivers to lay the TV flat, which is dangerous. Additionally, the constrained space may exert more pressure than the screen can tolerate whenever you hit a hump or pothole. Look for vehicles capable of comfortably accommodating a 70-inch TV. Any car that allows the TV to stand upright is a strong contender.

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Most people don't have immediate access to a van and usually want to transport the TV by car. But can you lay a flat-screen TV down in the trunk of the car and not damage it? Well, the truth is that a flat-screen TV is quite heavy, so different parts have to withstand a lot of pressure, especially in a moving vehicle..