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Jeep Wrangler YJ (1987-1995) The YJ Wrangler was the first generation to succeed the venerable CJ. Although the body was largely similar, it featured square headlights and an upgraded interior. It was also featured in the movie Jurassic Park.

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The Wrangler YJ was made from 1987 up until 1985. The engine of this model became more productive and the U-joints were broader. This jeep has some differences from other models, which we will discuss later, but the most outstanding of them is the shape of the headlights.

Jeep Wrangler YJ Buildup Page 4 TeamBHP

The YJ was the first jeep to bear the 'Wrangler' name. It succeeded the CJ series, and featured a redesigned body with controversial squared-off headlights. The YJ cemented its status in pop-culture with the 1993 film 'Jurassic Park', which featured various YJ models throughout. VIEW ALL JEEP WHEELS JEEP YJ SPECS MAIN SPECS

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The Jeep Wrangler YJ, with its distinctive square headlights and classic design, holds a special place in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts. Over its decade-long production span, the YJ underwent notable improvements, evolving from its early years to become a refined and capable off-road vehicle.

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Then Jeep threw an NP207 into the mix, again the only year for that T-case to grace a Wrangler. Basically, the '87 YJ is only a bargain if you are planning on replacing the drivetrain anyway. '88-'90


The Jeep Wrangler YJ is the first generation of Jeep Wrangler four-wheel drive small off-road vehicles, rebadging and succeeding Jeep 's CJ series, which was produced from 1944 to 1986. The first Wrangler (internally "YJ") was launched in 1986 and ran through 1995.

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The YJ in stock form is a great vehicle for wheeling mild trails and a good platform for building an even more capable Jeep. Hardcore four-wheeling will require extensive modifications to the.

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There was a long-wheelbase YJ, the YJ-L. It was 103.4 inches and was assembled by Jeep's offshore joint. The Worthless Fact: While 1987 is key to Wrangler history, so it was for Jeep history: AMC.

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The Jeep is traditionally an off-roader and the Wrangler YJ was designed accordingly with a ground clearance of almost 8.5 inches for off-road use. The track width of 4.8 ft guaranteed a low center of gravity despite the 5.8 ft high body and thus greater roll stability when driving off-road.

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25 October 2019 Share After 40-plus years of Jeep CJ production, AMC decided to shake things up and change the recipe for the beloved CJ-7 and introduce the YJ Wrangler for 1987. OK, to be honest, the recipe was largely the same.

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1989 Jeep Wrangler YJ Specifications Powertrain. ENGINE CYLINDERS HORSEPOWER TORQUE FUEL TANK CAPACITY EPA MILEAGE ESTIMATE 4.2L AMC Straight-6 6 112 hp @ 3,000 RPM 210 lb/ft @ 2,000 RPM 15 Gallons 15 City / 17 Hwy 2.5L AMC Straight-4 4 120 hp @ 5,400 RPM 140 lb/ft @ 3,250 RPM 15 Gallons 16 City / 19 Hwy

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Written by Brendan Soriano Edited by Frank Bisciotti As the grandfather of the Jeep Wrangler lineup, the Jeep YJ sports classic aesthetics and solid specs that make it a popular and reliable chassis for wheeling.


The Jeep Wrangler YJ stayed close to the CJ concept, with notable changes inspired by the public reaction to the XJ Cherokee. Despite maintaining a steel ladder frame, the same 93.4 inch wheelbase, and featuring Dana axles front and rear, the new YJ was lighter than the CJ in an effort to improve fuel economy.