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Craig Fitzgerald 10/12/2023 If you've driven a Jeep at any time in recent history, you're probably aware of the Jeep Wave. Now that about 2/3s of the vehicles on the road seem to be Wranglers, you're not distracted by your mobile device, you're distracted by having to constantly wave at people as you're driving by.

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The Jeep Wave can be two things: first, it's a camaraderie gesture from one Jeep owner to another, made as you pass each other on the road. Second, it is also a VIP program put in place by Jeep to reward its car buyers and foster a community feeling.

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The Jeep Wave is a special greeting that Jeep owners use to acknowledge each other as they pass on the road. It used to be practiced only by drivers of Jeep CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs; however, now the entire Jeep family can use the Wave as long as you understand how to do it correctly to pay the right respect to other Jeep drivers.

Jeep wave flow chart! Jeep wave, Jeep memes, Jeep life

The classic way of doing a Jeep Wave would be by simply lifting two-finger (the pointer and the middle finger) making a peace sign with the same hand on the steering wheel. In case you have a Top-off, you can do so by raising your hand and waving "Hi". You can also do the Jeep Wave by literally waving "Hi" through your window or inside your jeep.

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Jeep Wave Rules are very simple, low-level or low-score Jeep Owner needs to initiate Jeep Wave. Now, there are a few factors that come into play when it comes to the Jeep Wave hierarchy. First up, the older your Jeep is, the higher your score.

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The Jeep Wave Hierarchy The Jeep Wave Style What does the Jeep wave mean? What is the Jeep Wave program Jeep Wave program cost Jeep Wave benefits What does Jeep Wave get you? The Jeep Owners Community Closing the curtain Is there a secret Jeep Wave? Jeeps are rugged off-road vehicles that are ideal for camping and exploration.


The Jeep wave hierarchy includes three things: The Vehicle: In this class, CJs are usually at the top, followed by TJs, YJs, and Cherokees, with JKs somewhere in the middle. Appearance and Condition: The dirtier and more open your Jeep is when the top is down, the higher your rank. Jeeps that are cleaner and newer have lower ranks.

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Theory #1: The Jeep wave started back in WWII, when soldiers would wave to one another in solidarity while driving Jeeps on patrol or for transportation. Theory #2: The Jeep wave stared after the war, when returning soldiers purchased their first CJ or VJ models and waved to acknowledge one another for their honorable service.

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When encountering a Jeep that you know is of a "higher rank" in the hierarchy, it is common practice for you to initiate the Wave and continue it until it is returned. The Jeep Wave Program. Believe it or not, Jeep does provide a program named The Jeep Wave! This exclusive, members-only 24/7 support program offers eligible Jeep owners a.

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The Jeep Waving Hierarchy: Based on the vehicle itself. Takes into account the nostalgia factor, the discomfort tolerance quotient, and the amount of owner dedication required to maintain the steed. The Modifying Sub-categories: Based on what you do with your Jeep. Equipment Adjustments: What you build. General Rules: 1.

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April 8, 2023 by Yasir Asif Are you a Jeep user looking for some VIP treatment and services? The first kind of Jeep wave is a camaraderie gesture, and the second one is the VIP service program provided by the brand to Jeep owners. This program only began recently, so the Jeep Wave membership is extended to recent Jeep model owners.

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Understanding the Jeep Wave. October 28th, 2015 by Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Share this Post. each showing which vehicle's owner has the right to reject a wave. The hierarchy is topped by Pre-CJ Jeeps, and followed (in order) by pre-AMC CJs, other CJs, Commandos, YJs, TJs, Cherokees/Wagoneers, other Jeeps, other four-wheelers.

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The Jeep Waving Hierarchy (JWH): Category A: Pre-CJ (Willys/Kaiser/Army MJ/etc) Category B: Pre-AMC CJ; Category C: CJ; Category D: Commando; Category E: YJ;. When unsure of status or wave requirements of a particular encounter, immediately initiate wave. In all seriousness though, there's no need to read too much into it, just don't be a.

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The Jeep Wave Hierarchy If you thought the Jeep Wave was just about a wave, then you thought wrong. In addition to the Jeep Wave, there is also a Jeep Wave Hierarchy. The Jeep Wave Hierarchy is based on a scoring system with three categories. The first category is based on the vehicle itself.

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Since the program's inception, there has been a Jeep Wave hierarchy that determines which Jeep driver initiates the greeting. This hierarchy is generally determined by three factors: Jeep make and model - CJs are at the top of the hierarchy, JKs in the middle and Cherokees, YJs and TJs at the bottom..