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DIY | Remove/Replace Door's Handle With Hidden Screws

DIY Remove/Replace Door's Handle With Hidden Screws YouTube

1 Assess Your Door Knob First, you'll need to figure out what type of door knob you have. This will help you purchase the right type of door knob for your exterior or interior door.

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1 Check for exposed screws on the inside of the door. For most doors, you should see 1 to 3 exposed mounting screws on the side of the door that doesn't have a keyhole. Look for screws on the cover plate that surrounds the handle. If you don't see exposed screws on the cover plate, check the neck of the knob or lever. [1] [2]

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Woodie's will show you how to change a door handle.

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HOW TO REMOVE A HANDLESET ON FRONT DOOR: Amazon Link: (affiliate)More Handlesets: (affiliate)Watch my Unboxing of.

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0:00 / 1:07 You would be surprised how a simple job like removing a door handle or doorknob can be a frustrating experience if your not prepared. This is a simple straig.

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The standard residential door prep for entry doors is two 2-1/8" bore holes 5-1/2" center to center. See measurement "B" in the image to the right. If you have more that 5-1/2 inches here you can still use a sectional handleset on your door. Sectional handlesets have a seperate deadbolt body so the "B" measurement is actually variable.

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Step 1 Expose hidden set screws. A set screw is typically installed along the base of the lock on the interior side of the door. It may be hidden behind a circular plate around the lever. This plate is known as a rose and can almost always be removed by hand. Try twisting or pulling the rose away from the door to expose the screws. Video of the Day

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1 Open the door and stick a door stop under the bottom edge of the door. Open up the door about halfway, so you can easily access both sides of the door handle. Push a door stop under the bottom edge of the door to keep it from moving and closing while you replace the handle. [1]

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You need to slip a small screwdriver over the lever and slid it in the direction that the arrow indicates. This will release the interior knob from the door. Then, you can pull the knob free. Once you have the interior knob removed, you will then have access to the interior screws that are holding the plate and the exterior handle in place.

Shop Authentic Kraken Metal Outside Door Handle For Chevy Truck 8894

Replacing your exterior door handle is a simple way to update your curb appeal or improve your home's security. The handleset is a version of a doorknob mechanism with a lever or handle instead of a knob on the exterior side, and it might have a handle or a standard doorknob on the inside.

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Step 1: Install the Latch. Determine whether you want to use a flat, rectangular faceplate or a round drive-in faceplate. (Many kits come with both options.) If you want to use a flat faceplate but do not have an indent on the edge of your door to fit it over the cross bore, trace the outline of the faceplate with a pencil and score the outline.

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Remove door handle / knob without screws visible Billshowto 331K subscribers 1.3M views 2 years ago #billshowto #DIY #howto This is how to remove a door handle / knob without visible screws.


This Schlage door handle was a challenge to figure out so I made this video to help others.Skip to 43 seconds for the tricky part and 1:23 for reinstallation.

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3 Also, using your chisel as a prybar is doing it no favors. - Ecnerwal Mar 26 at 15:56 You need to remove the handle (s) first. Your first pic shows the slot in the escutcheon plate that you need to pop off to access the fasteners. I bet there are two screws under that, connecting to the exterior handle. - Huesmann Mar 27 at 13:59 Good heavens!

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1. Interior Access It may be a bit counterintuitive, but how to remove a locked door knob from the outside starts with making sure you are not outside the door. Door knob fasteners are only accessible from the interior side of a door. Your first step has to be moving from outside to inside.