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Frontier Developments has released the full list of Elite Dangerous update 1.70 patch notes, which comes with a boatload of fixes across gameplay, performance, stability and more.

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Aran Suddi 09/12/21 Comments Closed. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update 9 is out now and one of the biggest additions in the new Vodel Scorpion SRV. This new vehicle will allow players to deal with.

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Update 10 Patch Notes Greetings Commanders, Post-Odyssey updates have reached double digits! In this round, we see a series of optimisation improvements and a large batch of fixes. At the time of this post (10:00 BST/UTC), servers will go offline for approximately two hours while the update deploys. Changes will come to both Odyssey and Horizons each listed in their own sections below. These.

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June 3rd, 2021 by Victor Vellas. Update 1.54 has arrived for Elite Dangerous, and here's the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Through their official post on Twitter, we were already aware that the update 1.54 for Elite Dangerous will include lots of changes that focus around UI and visual improvements, but that was simply.

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Update 17 lands on Monday, October 16th, at around 10:00 a.m. EDT after a downtime of roughly seven hours. Patch notes are expected when servers go offline at 3:00 a.m. EDT, while patches themselves are about 2.8 GB for Steam players and 3.1 GB on EGS. The only other portion of note in this announcement is a garbled message that reads, "The.

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Elite Dangerous Update June 17th, 2021 is now available on Steam. Greetings Commanders! Today at approximately 07:00 UTC / 08:00 BST we, we deployed 'Update 4' to add. Patch-Notes.com . Elite Dangerous Game-Updates.info . 19 Updates . Patch 6.01 ; Update Jun 17th 2021 ; Update Jun 17th 2021 ; Patch 3.01 ; Update Jun 10th 2021 ; Patch 2.01.

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Elite Dangerous Update 14 Release Notes - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Elite Dangerous Update 14 Release Notes November 28, 2022 Greetings Commanders. Before we get down to the business of update notes ahead of downtime and deployment of Update 14 today, let's recap today's release deployment schedule.

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Elite Dangerous Update 1.60 Patch Notes; Horizons & Odyssey Flies Out This Dec. 9 by Alex Co December 9, 2021 6:20 am in News Frontier Developments has released the Elite Dangerous update 1.60 patch this December 9, and this is the Horizons update for PC and consoles.

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Elite Dangerous update 1.66 was released today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can get the complete patch notes for this update from here. There are a number of bug fixes implemented in this new patch according to the developers. Changes have been made to AI and Graphics in addition to general stability and performance improvements.

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Patch Notes Under Revision Visit https://forums.frontier.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=74 to see the latest patch notes. The community site patch notes will return in the near future. Read more Powerplay server side hotfix (30/07/15) - Increase number of Powerplay Vouchers awarded when assassinating enemy NPCs.

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Here are the update notes for this release: Community Issues of note addressed: After accepting a mission from the mission board, players will now be returned to the previously selected mission category screen, rather than the 'all categories' screen. Issue ID 61992

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Update 15.01 Release Notes - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 15.01 Release Notes 17 May 2023 Greetings Commanders, Tomorrow sees the release of Update 15.01 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0, where the team have addressed a number of issues for you, following the release of Update 15 last week.

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Today sees the release of Update 17 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0. The Elite Dangerous '4.0/Live' servers will be offline for a period of time whilst the deployment process takes place, when they shall return with the update available to you. We'll keep you updated on progress across our social media channels and the Elite Dangerous Official Forum.

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Greetings Commanders, Update 11 has arrived! Since Elite Dangerous' inception, Commanders yearned to stand and walk on planets throughout the Milky Way which Odyssey has delivered. Now it's time to sit down once again, put those feet up, and enjoy one of the most glorious views in the game from the inside: a Fleet Carrier jump. This release also brings a range of fixes and features.

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Elite Dangerous UPDATE 16 patch notes are here and we do a breakdown of whats hot and whats not in this latest updateThis update brings a host of new feature.

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#1 Greetings Commanders! The Elite Dangerous live/4.0 servers will be offline from 8am UTC for the release of Update 17.01. Servers will be unavailable until approximately 12pm UTC. Here at the update notes for this release: Community Issues of note addressed: