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Treat Your Windows to Some TLC Easy to Follow Car Window Tint Removal Tips and Recipes If that stubborn tint still won't budge, experiment with alternative methods using a hairdryer or a steamer. Whichever way you choose, these car window tint removal tips show you how it's done.

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How To Remove Window Tint From A Car - 5 METHODS (That Work) How to EASILY Remove Old Window Tint Share Easy to follow, step-by-step guide to learn more than one way to remove tint from your windows. For the best results we recommend the Heat Method.

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BEST Way to Remove Window Tint From Cars While there are a few different methods you can use to get the window tint off your car, if you want to do it like the professionals, this is the method you want to use. Not only does it make the process as easy as possible, but it will also give you the most consistent results.

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Step-by-step guide. Step 1: Use your fingernails or a sharp knife to lift a corner. Scrape softly around the edges of the corner as you slowly lift the tint and pull it down. Step 2: Separate a good amount of film from the glass before you grasp it firmly and start peeling it down.

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Step 1: Use knife to lift corner. Using a razor blade or knife, make a cut in a corner of the film. This will create a tab you can lift off of the window. Step 2: Grasp and peel. Firmly grasp the free corner of film, and peel it from the window.

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Apply soap and water to the section of film that has been cut away.You can mix the soap and water in a bottle and spray it onto the window. The adhesive on the window should begin to loosen with the application of the soapy water, so use your razor blade to scrape as much of it off as possible.

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How to remove window tint and glue. These are the 3 best ways to remove window tint from your vehicle. These methods will remove any window tint, and glue. T.

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Use tape if needed. Let the window sit in the sun for 1 to 2 hours so that the ammonia soaks into the tint and loosens the tint glue. Don't let it dry, check on it if needed. After it's done marinating, use a razor at an angle to lift up the corner of the tint/bag layer. Use your hands to peel it away.

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A hairdryer or heat gun. 1 clean towel. Window cleaner. This is one of the simplest methods of removing the tint, and you can use either a heat gun or a hairdryer. First, run the hairdryer on high temperature, about two inches away from the window, until the glue starts melting.

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This video demonstrates how to remove tint from your car windows. These are the items you need: 409, flat knife blade, black trash bags, towels and some wind.

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Call For Instant Quote! 800-767-8468 Book Now Get Quote Removing Window Tint Yourself Could Cause Permanent Damage In addition to aesthetic damage resulting from poor tint removal techniques, removing window tint involves risk of more serious, permanent damage to your vehicle.

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Step 1) Take big black garbage bags and cut them open so that it can cover the glass area. Spray soapy water on he glass and lay over the black garbage bags. They will help to absorb the heat from sunlight. Step 2) move inside the car and mask the are surrounding glass with tarp or some other waterproof material.

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Removing Window Tint: Step By Step The case for tinting your windows is clear, especially if you live in a sunbelt state, but what about removing window tint? That's a different story..

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Eliminate dangerous cleaners that may do harm, and guarantee your results.

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How to Remove Window Tint. Removing window tint should, in our opinion, be left to a professional. That said, there are variety of ways you can remove your own window tint that align with how the pros do it. Simply put, the film itself will peel off with relative ease. To help it along, use a razor blade and some soapy water.

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