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Other countries' cars can easily powerslide and create clouds of smoke (American cars can do it standing still), but Japanese automotive legends such as the Nissan Silvia, Toyota AE86, and Mazda RX-7 are among the most popular 'go-sideways' machines. We've updated this list with more info on these cars.

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While the 90s were indisputably the golden era for Japanese sports cars, providing true JDM legends such as the Skyline, Silvia, Supra, RX-7, and the NSX, the past and present undoubtedly deserve recognition. As many manufacturers steer away from sports cars in favor of EV's and SUVs, Japan remains at the forefront of the fun-haver sector.

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18. Mitsubishi Eclipse 17. Nissan Pulsar GTI-R 16. Mazda MX-5 Roadster 15. Mitsubishi GTO 14. Toyota Chaser X90 13. Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32 300ZX) 12. Toyota Celica GT Four 11. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10. Toyota Supra A80 9. Honda S2000 8.

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BMW M3 (E36) Europe's most popular drift car by a fairly wide margin, BMW's 1990's era E36 models all make for stellar drift cars, though in their stock form, the top-spec M3 is undoubtedly the most capable of the lot.

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The Nissan 370z is one of the best Japanese sports cars ever made. The street version is an ordinary car by all possible standards, and nothing stands out about it. It features a standard V6 engine that outputs 328 horsepower. Yet this car has managed to win various formula drift championships under different sets of drivers, so what's the secret?

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1. Nissan S-chassis 2. Toyota Chaser JZX100 3. Mazda RX-7 4. Toyota Corolla AE86 5. Nissan Cefiro 6. Toyota Soarer JZZ30 7. Mazda RX-8 8. Toyota Supra 9. Nissan 370Z 10. Toyota 86 Related Top 10 Most Powerful Japanese Drift Cars In 2023 Details

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Cresta Crown Soarer Supra Granvia Harrier Hilux Hilux-Surf Hiace Land Cruiser Land Cruiser Prado Levin Mark II Mark-X MR-2 MR-S RAV4 Sera Sprinter Voxy Vitz Nissan 180SX Atlas Caravan

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10 Coolest Japanese Drift Cars You Can Buy For Peanuts By Charles Bravins Published Jul 7, 2021 Japanese car manufacturers have long been finding ways of keeping cars sideways as they take on corners, and many JDMs are built perfect for drifting. Via-Car Throttle

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These Are The Top 10 Drift Cars From Japan Nissan S-Chassis Toyota Chaser JZX100 Mazda RX-7 Toyota Corolla AE86 Nissan Cefiro Toyota Soarer JZZ30 / Lexus SC300 Mazda RX-8 Toyota Supra Nissan 350/370Z These Are The Top 10 Drift Cars From Japan Nissan S-Chassis Nissan's S-chassis is one of the.

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Hey guys and girls, this is my Top 11 Japanese Drift Cars, the cars were determined by Purchase Price, Reliability, Bang for buck Performance and Parts avail.

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In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best Japanese cars for drifting and what makes them so good. Toyota AE86 The Toyota AE86 is perhaps the most iconic Japanese drift car of all time, and it's easy to see why. This car became an icon thanks to it's appearence in the famous anime Initial D. With a lightweight chassis, a naturally.

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The Nissan 240SX-Z, Toyota Supra Levin MR2, Mazda RX-7, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR are some of the most popular Japanese drift cars. The Pros and Cons of Driving a Japanese Drift Cars If you want to get your heart racing, the best thing to do is drive a Japanese drift car.

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Brian Silvestro Drifting is one of the most fun things you can do with a car. Here are some of the best cars to take sliding. Lexus IS 300 Sideshow Luke // YouTube The IS 300 comes with.

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Discover the top 10 Japanese cars for heart-pounding drift action! Unleash sideways driving skills with precision-engineered drift machines.

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BMW E36 325i. Opening the line-up of the good cheap drift cars is a model from the powerhouse BMW. The BMW E36 325i has been a staple in the drift community for many years because it has enough power to make driving fun and sideways. It is also a reliable and capable drift car. The original engine gives almost 200 hp and can handle.

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The sport was developed on the twisting mountain roads of Japan in the late '70s and early '80s when circuit racers like Kuniaki Takahashi and Keiichi Tsuchiya - better known as the Drift King.